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"Beat Zen and the Art of Dave" is the latest travel memoir by Australian author, David McNamara. His new book captures how the wonderment of an outbound adventure conspires towards an equally profound inner journey.

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Author David McNamara on Aussie Sabbatical


s an author, artist, pilgrim and perpetual wayfarer, David’s been spinning tales of adventures and yarns of fiction for over 15 years. Originally from Australia, the passage of time, spanning innumerable budget backpacking odysseys has produced its own inevitability – a writer and published author as revealed by his first book, Loves, Kerbsides and Goodbyes. David has since finished a second travel book titled “Beat Zen & the Art of Dave” which is OUT NOW!. He continues to live a life on the open road, gathering material for a third travel book while working on two books of fiction. When he’s not seeking out an untold story, he’s heading towards an unknown horizon – enjoying being lost in the spaces between places. Read more…

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His style is philosophical and educated but engaging without being a total backpacker know-it-all. McNamara manages to distil hostels and strangers into something refreshingly honest.

- Literary Review: The West Australian

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