Short Stories

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  • Tedious Giraffe & The Morose Blue Gorilla
    Tedious Giraffe & The Morose Blue Gorilla
    The Tedious Giraffe wasn't to blame. She was taller than most giraffes and covered in big, brown, woolly oblong patches. She was well beyond the sharp ...
  • The Transmission
    The Transmission
    He heard the shower running when he woke up. He hoped she wouldn't use all the water and then felt bad for thinking it. The feel of toast milling betw ...
  • Kit Christian
    Kit Christian
    Christian Christian Senior strolled into McMahon Sports Bar either unaffected or unaware of his lateness. His punctuality or lack thereof was commonly ...
  • Me Under Signs
    Me Under Signs
    It’s not unusual for kids to grow up in dysfunctional families and fucked up environments and consider it all very normal. As Christof, the megalomani ...
  • Big Nothing
    Big Nothing
    Max stood at the restaurant’s dispensing station nearest the main entrance on the corner of Oxford Road and Portland Street. People use to call him Ma ...
  • Beer in the Fridge
    Beer in the Fridge
    George took the Patrol to pick his son Mark up from the international airport. Ordinarily he was very careful about its mileage and the Patrol burned ...
  • Soap Factory Girl
    Soap Factory Girl
    She started working at the soap factory when it opened in autumn. He walked her home through the butterscotch and peanut brittle leaves. He was the so ...
  • The Vegetarian Mosquito
    The Vegetarian Mosquito
    Light swell slaps the wooden hull. Gonzalos, the Bolivian Vegetarian Mosquito stands shivering on the cleat at the pointed bow of the life boat. He ha ...
  • The Amateur Perfectionist Projectionist
    The Amateur Perfectionist Projectionist
    The plane soared upward like a ballistic Phoenix until it was a splinter in the sun and everyone squinted and turned away. They missed it curl around. ...
  • This is a Story About Lizzy
    This is a Story About Lizzy
    He met another Lizzy in Manchester. He named her Anne. He first saw her between the Old House at Home and Lotus Chinese Takeaway. She walked past him ...
  • Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man
    Bill looked down at his plate and touched his knife and fork together. He surprised himself by how little he’d eaten. Sausages were the limit of his w ...
  • Before the Foxes Came
    Before the Foxes Came
    ...before the foxes came I'm told wild areas still grew - before the foxes came and towns gobbled up the ground. Towns gobbled up the ground, bit by b ...
  • Rainfish & Lunagirl
    Rainfish & Lunagirl
    Before Lunagirl has time to react Rainfish has her arm like a leash. ‘Come-n’ - We carn’t slow down. Fouk’it Shades. Don’t stop.’ That’s what Rainfish ...

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