Flash Fiction

  • The Transmission
    The Transmission
    He heard the shower running when he woke up. He hoped she wouldn't use all the water and then felt bad for thinking it. The feel of toast milling betw ...
  • Nesviosous [nés’vi-ō’sₔs]
    Nesviosous [nés’vi-ō’sₔs]
    Under new entreaties for reconciliation and consolidation, where the other had long since mattered, Gerry remained resolute had the last bullet in the ...
  • The Gentle Art of Smoking
    The Gentle Art of Smoking
    She sits alone by the coffee shop window. On her table is an espresso, a small beaker of milk and a clear glass of hot water that condenses around the ...
  • Table Manners
    Table Manners
    He held his spoon in a fist, like his granddad. It felt right. He was digging into his food, which seemed to be the point of a spoon. And it was way m ...
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